Dec 20, 2015


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The problem with most goals is that ... we can write them and ... even achieve them but if they in any way in conflict with our core values we’re gonna be miserable and in all likelihood end up sabotaging the achievement as our inner child desperately attempts to bring alignment between our inner world and the external world we created... Read Full Article

Oct 25, 2015


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Is your Spirit a Millionaire or a Billionaire? Not asking if you have a million bucks in the bank or a billion dollar net worth. I know plenty of people who have millions in the bank who are basically bankrupt and I wouldn’t even call millionaires. They’re more lottery winners than anything. On the other hand... Read Full Article

  • Andy & Shelley Clark

    Working with Damion has been one of the most empowering experiences in our lives. I would recommend Damion to anyone looking to reinvent their financial life. He's brought crystal clarity to every aspect of our finances. Read More...

    Andy Clark Founder - Wellness Lawyer
  • Luc-John Pentz

    Words will not do justice of the immense impact "Reinvented Life" has been on my personal development. Do not have a moment of hesitation considering the benefits of learning from this book or from these two authors. Read More...

    Luc Pentz Insurance Agent & Risk Specialist
  • Dr. Alan Shih

    If you are privileged to work with Damion, I am confident you will transcend from wherever you are to the life you envision, a life of significance and fulfillment. Read More...

    Dr. Alan Shih Doctor & CEO - Head to Toe Healthcare
  • Jennifer L. Hawn

    Damion's advice is not just something he has read or heard somewhere, but actually comes from his hands-on/in the trenches experience and therefore his advice is grounded in wisdom and familiarity. Read More...

    Jennifer L. Hawn Founder Neith Investment, LLC
  • Peter Scott IV

    I've often sought financial and career advice from Damion, not because he tells me what I want to hear, but because he is brutally honest, always looking out for my best interest, and has the real world experience to back it up. Read More...

    Peter Scott IV Founder of Design a Fearless Life
  • tia

    If you desire to make big, bold changes in your life, then there is nothing more valuable than accountability. Read More...

    Tia Nguyen Owner-Bur Oak Massage Therapy & Esthetics
  • Ricardo Garcia

    Thank you Chris and Damion, for giving me an opportunity to learn from your experiences; for showing me the path to intentional reinvention and for showing me that it is possible at any stage in life. Read More...

    Ricardo Garcia Engineering Program Manager, HP
  • Liza Borja

    Damion and Chris share a common thread of self fulfillment, world awareness, and tell you exactly how to get there. Beyond unrealistic wishful thinking you've provided a step-by-step manual on attaining my life's vision! Read More...

    Liza Borja Pilates Studio Owner
  • John Lewis

    Reinvented Life is all about understanding conscious living and how powerful and rewarding life can be when lived with intention. Their insights helped me gain greater clarity and perspective to my own life. Read More...

    John Lewis Owner - Lewis Construction
  • Tammy Gall

    Thank you for sharing your perspective, experiences, and actually your soul, in Reinvented Life. Reading it opened a window into my soul and gave me clarity to my plan and the timing to reinvent my own life. Read More...

    Tammy Gall
  • Donna Wright

    Reading Reinvented Life gave me the clarity and inspiration to take a leap of faith into facing my fears that ultimately would have held me back from ever finding what makes me happy. Read More...

    Donna Wright Trainer