About Us

It’s time for the age of truth.

What is Reinvented Life? Simply stated, Reinvented Life is a process of Transforming your life.  It’s a process and methodology for stepping into the life you are supposed to be living versus the one you are living today, likely by default. For those whose lives are stuck in neutral – or in reverse – Reinvented Life provides the tools to get you into gear and to create and accelerate the transformation into the life you know you’re supposed to be living.

Reinvented Life was developed by Damion Lupo and Christofer Ashby.  Damion and Christofer were two ordinary guys with pretty amazing lives. Both had lives that, on the surface, seemed successful – Christofer, a world-traveling classical musician, Damion, a self-made millionaire at the age of 25 – but, in reality, both were plagued with troubles and doubts. Christofer’s image of success in his music provided no financial security.  Damion’s financial success was a hollow life built on deep-rooted fear.

Both of these men found a path to happiness and success – truly fulfilling success – through their individual processes of reinvention. They embarked on personal journeys by digging deeply into what they wanted in life, finding the things that were holding them back, and then taking massive action – doing something about it.

By recognizing their life goals and taking full responsibility for their own self-created obstacles, they transformed themselves into the people they were meant to be and created the lives they always wanted.

Their first book, Reinvented Life, is a candid, raw, and inspiring look into the struggles, realizations, insights and lessons they encountered in their individual journeys of reinvention.

The Reinvented Life fellowship program brings the experiences of  Damion and Christofer to you, your group, or your company. They are mentors and masters, living as global citizens.

A message from Damion & Christofer:

Our mission is to take what we have learned and help brighten the path to greatness for others in the world. In studying our inspired and analytical methods, you will be given the tools to avoid many of the obstacles that impede the realization and fulfillment of your financial, spiritual, and social/intrapersonal lives. This is not an easy process and definitely not for everyone.  We know how to do it because we’ve been through it ourselves. If you commit to embracing our CAE process (clarity, accountability, execution) we guarantee that monumental change will become present in your life.

A Sample of our Speaking Topics

Yes, there are thousands of  consultants and motivational speakers  who will make you aware of the need to improve, change, and visualize that which you want. The questions to be asked are:

  1. Do they have real-life experience in the areas in which they are teaching?
  2. Have they really created the life of their dreams or are they selling you their own dream?

We’ve talked the talk and walked the walk. We’ve been through the fire … and emerged stronger with the memories and lessons that YOU need to know to change your life and your career. We’ve made and lost millions, owned private jets and yachts … and lived out of our cars. We’ve been employed from the most menial of labor job (clean-up boy at a meat market) … to the whitest of white collar jobs (mergers and acquisitions on Wall Street). The Reinvented Life team is able to speak on a variety of business and life-transformational topics, including:

  • Abundance – How to Define, Create and Maintain It
  • Leveraging Strengths & Weaknesses
  • The 80/20 Parento Principle
  • Going All In vs. Going 99%
  • The Difference Between Success and Mastery
  • How to Achieve Mastery in Your Life
  • The Power of a Team vs. The Lone Assassin
  • Programmable Habits & Un-habits
  • What is the real cost of your Life Vision?


Interested in what Reinvented Life can do for you? To inquire about products, speaking engagements, mentoring opportunities or webinars, please shoot us an email.  Thank you!

Damion & Christofer