Are You a Millionaire or a Billionaire?

Oct 25, 2015


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Is your Spirit a Millionaire or a Billionaire?

Not asking if you have a million bucks in the bank or a billion dollar net worth. I know plenty of people who have millions in the bank who are basically bankrupt and I wouldn’t even call millionaires. They’re more lottery winners than anything. On the other hand, anyone I’ve ever met or worked with who had a billion dollar net worth had a totally different aura and presence.They project the essence of billionaireness.

This isn’t a question of cash or assets. The billionaires balance sheet might not have 9 zeros yet, but once the person has the spirit of a billionaire, the universe begins to conspire with the energy of the intention and thinking, and things happen at the speed of light.

…is who are YOU, and are you living intentionally as a millionaire or a billionaire?

Here’s what a millionaire thinks about – investing, growing, impacting hundreds or thousands, modeling and building teams to impact a community with services and goods. They think about paying themselves first, the old 10% rule. They give 10% and they save 10%.

They often follow the Millionaire Next Door strategy, meager and humble. Sometimes they are famous and fast like Mike Tyson or Tom Brady or Kim Kardashian. These are all millionaires. They come and they go, but their impact isn’t all that profound beyond their zip code or decade in the headlines.

The billionaire psyche moves far beyond having 1,000X more cash (Yes I realize that’s a lot of damn cash…but…). The billionaire thinks about IMPACT, Disrupting Archaic Systems, Massive Efficiency, how to improve a billion people’s lives, leveraging of monetary systems, natural and societal resources, countries and inspiring and magnetizing the talents of world-class talent and teams (think Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Peter Diamandis, Oprah).

The Billionaire focuses on solving major problems. The Billionaire might live off of 10% of his or her income while 90% is invested in growing economies and reducing poverty. Massive resources are allocated to solve major problems of humanity, think Bill and Melinda Gates’ work in Africa.

It’s beyond the math when you shift from millionaire to billionaire; it’s a shift into higher consciousness.