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 ....Totally Clear on our Money

"Since we started working with Damion we’ve taken $200K out of the market, bought a piece of rental property, started being proactive on investing opportunities and started giving $2,000 a month to charity. I feel awesome about where we are with our life financially right now. I am totally clear on my money and how I want to invest it. We appreciate all he did for us. He sent us down a path that really works for us. Thank you. We would have never done this without him!” 

John & Stefanie LeFevour

Chicago Entrepreneurs

 ....One of the most EMPOWERIING experiences...

For years I struggled getting a handle on my finances—both personal and business. My wife and I have always been pretty good at bringing money in…but we usually ended up spending more than we earned—again, both personally and professionally. We could never muster the discipline to get on top of our finances and to know with any clarity where our money was going.

After only three months of working with Damion and employing his simple and effective financial tracking methods, we now are crystal clear on every aspect of our personal and business finances, and already we are seeing our bank accounts grow. It has been one of the most empowering experiences in our life. I would recommend Damion to anyone looking to reinvent their financial life.

Andy Clark

Author of "The Wellness Lawyer"

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Born with an entrepreneurial spirit Damion Lupo started his first business at 11 brokering Nintendo games, selling Christmas paper door to door and even hiring his parents for logistics and transportation, all this before puberty. 

Perhaps his independence and self-reliance had something to do with growing up in Alaska dodging polar bears and a 20 below drive to survive. Perhaps he simply rejected normal and average. Regardless, his path was set early, tattooed into his soul- that of a free thinker, an entrepreneur, a disruptor and a change agent. 

Following high school Damion was invited to work at a classified Department of Energy particle accelerator lab in New York and then in DC for the US Senate after which time he was awarded a full Air Force ROTC scholarship, sights set on becoming a fighter pilot. But that Mach 3 path got shot down quickly by concerns of being trapped in a regimented system wrapped in red tape and spiritual containment; systems that would no doubt limit his ability to pursue his dreams. This led to his dropping out of college… not once but 4 times. 

One of those times in the late 90’s was the result of being angry that students were forced to use the official campus bookstore to buy and sell used books. Monopolies made him crazy because they take advantage of a captive population and in this case every student was required to buy and sell used books through the official store and get gouged all the way. This seemed more like Communist Russia than the United States. Annoyance and an ongoing fixation on fixing market problems led him to start an alternative book store inside his dorm room to compete with, rather…to DOMINATE and DESTROY the corrupt campus book store. With the established monopolistic player on the verge of bankruptcy, Damion was kindly invited to shut down or be thrown out of school by the dean. 

Not being dissuaded from his disruptive pursuits to put more money in the hands of his fellow students, he declined shutting down, executed his high speed used book exchange and in 1 week of balls to the wall campus book exchanging he earned enough to pay his full tuition. 

Since then Damion has started in excess of 30 businesses, including an insurance agency where he was the youngest agent in history for the fortune 500 company, a global precious metals firm, a dozen real estate development and investment companies, a private equity firm, a consulting firm and even a network marketing company that went from zero to 4000 people in 6 months with net profits to Damion of $10,000 per month. While many people struggle with building a network marketing business, Damion did his “all in” maneuver and tapped into one of his secrets of success, modeling. 

He found the million dollar earners and did exactly what they did and like magic the firm grew vertically. Blind faith is either rewarded or punished by the universe with gentle taps or stinging slaps and Damion got both in half a year. He’s learned, without exception, in venture after venture, one thing is always true, that without total devotion and a to the death loyalty to the cause there is a zero percent chance of epic results or real fulfillment. 

Damion is the published author of 5 books on topics ranging from real estate to precious metals, although his favorite one by far is his true story of transformation and personal development, Reinvented Life. One reader called Reinvented Life the real life equivalent of reading an episode of Breaking Bad. 

The story he penned was a story of youthful vision, energized action, an out of control ego, seismic meltdown and ultimately - a rising Phoenix. Reinvented Life is candid, raw and laden with lessons and clues to success for the amateur and novice dreamer alike.  

Damion leaves nothing out and goes behind the scenes and below the surface into his mind and journey into fortune and wealth, sharing the reality of a shaky foundation laid down on his first pass into big business and big dreams and how he recovered after it crumbled beneath him. 

In his early years of bold, sometimes crazy action, he was so focused and all in on his vision that he didn’t hesitate to buy his first rental house using a credit card. The investment happened to be on Dec 31, 1999. While many were scared of Y2K, Damion was signing docs to create wealth and prosperity. The fear mongers be damned, Damion was unstoppable. The decision to buy a beat up rental house on new year’s eve grew into a 150+ house, 7 state empire over the following 5 years. 

While seemingly impressive, this empire went the path of Rome glorious for a time yet built on immature arrogance and invincibility that only lead to evenual meltdown, which his did in 2008. That meltdown and the Personal Development work he did over the next 3 years resulted in the creation of Reinvented Life

Damion’s personal philosophy centers on Self Responsibility, Candor and transparency. He holds a firm believe that the only path to freedom is through personal ownership of all choices, effects and outcomes. He also demands 10X thinking of himself and his team, always challenging status quo and limited growth. Knowing these will eventually be disrupted by bold thinking, if there is to be disruption, Damion is obsessed with disrupting himself first. 

His philosophy combined with a love of financial markets and money psychology inspired him to launch the Austin based FinTech, Total Control Financial in 2016. The company’s mission is to Disrupt Wall Street and Empower Main Street ™ using a patented technology allowing its customers to escape the scam of Wall Street by tapping into artificial intelligence, alternative real investments and put the tools of financial power and confidence into their customer’s hands; to empower their customer to burn down cliché nonsense and reinvent old archaic ideas around retirement and financial freedom. 

The company and Damion are empowering people with control of their financial lives, giving them the tools and talents to design a chosen future, and reject one of uncertainty. 

While much of the media focuses on negativity and how bad things are to scare people into paying attention to their sad debilitating message of fear, Damion believes in abundance, prosperity and a future far brighter than the past. This belief is based on reality, math and technological advancements stemming from microprocessor technology that continues to abolish the barriers of communication, which inevitably brings people together. This is the path to peace. 

Damion’s 10X philosophy and thinking led to him creating the eQRP, a retirement vehicle 10 times more powerful than an IRA, giving investors checkbook control of their 401k and IRA money, allowing them to cut the cord to Wall Street and put them in charge of their money, their financial future and their life. 

Damion is also the founder of Yokido (R), an eastern martial art that blends Aikido, Yoga and Reiki together into one. Lovingly coined “The Art of Peaceful Union,” Yokido is part of Damion’s personal mission to reduce conflict, bridge differences and heal wounds between humans as they walk through life and engage one another. After almost 20 years training in a variety of styles Damion holds 4 black belts the highest belt rank being 5th degree black belt. 

Damion is a popular guest on Financial and personal development Podcasts and radio shows around the country and hosts a radio show on World Class thinking where he explores ideas and philosophies of the World Class as well as going deep with the very people who are themselves, World Class. 

© 2016 | Damion Lupo