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For years I struggled getting a handle on my finances—both personal and business.  My wife and I have always been pretty good at bringing money in…but we usually ended up spending more than we earned—again, both personally and professionally. We could never muster the discipline to get on top of our finances and to know with any clarity where our money was going.

After only three months of working with Damion and employing his simple and effective financial tracking methods, we now are crystal clear on every aspect of our personal and business finances, and already we are seeing our bank accounts grow.  It has been one of the most empowering experiences in our life. I would recommend Damion to anyone looking to reinvent their financial life.

Andy Clark Founder - Wellness Lawyer
Luc-John Pentz

If you’re reading this message, please understand that Damion & Chris have changed my life. There are so many quotations and “sayings” that I wish I could use to describe the immense impact of “Reinvented Life” on my personal development but typed words will not do the authors justice. Do not have a moment of hesitation considering the benefits of learning from this book or from these two authors.

Luc Pentz Insurance Agent & Risk Specialist
Dr. Alan Shih

I have known Damion for over 8 years now. He originally started off as a real estate mentor to me during the “glory years.” He was very instrumental in helping me solve some real estate debacles I encountered. While he is attuned to investing needs, he truly offers so much more as a mentor and coach.

He has a diverse range of experiences, both good and bad, which he is eager to share. Some experiences involve investing, others involve personal and business relationships, and some eclectic experiences as well. Damion is the first to admit his mistakes and quick to share any insights he can provide to people he has made a commitment to either professionally or personally.

I’ve witnessed his transformation over the years, which has also helped me grow in more positive ways. If you are privileged to work with Damion, I am confident you will transcend from wherever you are to the life you envision, a life of significance and fulfillment.

Dr. Alan Shih Doctor & CEO - Head to Toe Healthcare
Jennifer L. Hawn

Damion has been such a huge asset in growing my business and pushing me to the next level. I am very much an “ideas” person, and would rather chase the next new thing instead of executing the one that I should stay true to- so by having someone that I am accountable to, it keeps me focused and moving forward in one direction instead of 10 and with that, the desire and ability to master a craft has become obtainable and tangible.

Damions proficiency in and knowledge of my industry has been incredibly valuable. I know that his advice is not just something he has read or heard somewhere, but actually comes from his hands-on/in the trenches experience and therefore his advice is grounded in wisdom and familiarity.

His patience in teaching me in the areas I am weak he does with such grace and in such a motivating and inspiring way that just makes me want to try harder. I would recommend him to anyone who is truly committed and has the endurance to be stretched outside their comfort zone in order to break through the next level in whatever it is they desire to be successful in.

Jennifer L. Hawn Founder Neith Investment, LLC
Peter Scott IV

Words cannot express the impact that Damion has had in my life.  We became instant friends after meeting through Lifebook in 2011, and have since hiked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu and vagabonded around SE Asia.

I’ve often sought financial and career advice from Damion, not because he tells me what I want to hear, but because he is brutally honest, always looking out for my best interest, and has the real world experience to back it up.  Damion has lived life to the absolute fullest, constantly pushing his limits, and I value his advice tremendously.

In one instance, I had a rental property that was leaking money considerably.  Having no real estate experience prior to this property, I immediately sought Damion’s councel.  His invaluable advice and support led me to sell the property for a significant profit.  But that was only the beginning…

Next, Damion advised me on how to preserve and invest the proceeds intelligently, which is hard to do for a 27 year old.

If you have the opportunity to work with Damion directly, or learn from him through one of his books, take full advantage of his wisdom and life experience.  I have the utmost confidence that you will get a return on your investment above and beyond what you could ever hope for.

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