Dr. Alan Shih

Jul 23, 2013


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I have known Damion for over 8 years now. He originally started off as a real estate mentor to me during the “glory years.” He was very instrumental in helping me solve some real estate debacles I encountered. While he is attuned to investing needs, he truly offers so much more as a mentor and coach.

He has a diverse range of experiences, both good and bad, which he is eager to share. Some experiences involve investing, others involve personal and business relationships, and some eclectic experiences as well. Damion is the first to admit his mistakes and quick to share any insights he can provide to people he has made a commitment to either professionally or personally.

I’ve witnessed his transformation over the years, which has also helped me grow in more positive ways. If you are privileged to work with Damion, I am confident you will transcend from wherever you are to the life you envision, a life of significance and fulfillment.