Liza Borja

Jul 26, 2013


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Brilliantly written as a true life story and a step by step guide, this book is a go-to resource for consciously creating your life’s vision. As a self made millionaire at 25 with an insatiable need for consumption, Damion bravely shares the raw detail of his fall from glory (or as we learn, his “trigger point”) and his journey to a more authentic self.

If Chris’s accomplishments as a internationally acclaimed classical guitarist isn’t impressive enough, his feat to a radically different career in finance, mergers and acquisitions will amaze you.

But more astounding than that, Damion and Chris share a common thread of self fulfillment, world awareness, and tell you exactly how to get there. Even if you’ve never lost millions or have been a phenom in any craft, the insight these men bring along with the secrets to their second coming of success inspires all who read the gumption for a reinvented life.

Thank you, Christofer and Damion, for sharing you life’s risks and the triumphs that’s were born from your journey! Your book moves beyond the unrealistic method of wishful thinking and provides a step-by-step manual on attaining your life’s vision. This is exactly what I’m looking for. Impactful and intelligently written, this book is one I will reread and use as a reference again and again.