Tia Nguyen

Aug 14, 2013


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In life, we meet very few people who truly stand out, ahead of the crowd. Those who do, we call leaders. Christofer Ashby is one such person. His life experience has been an example to me of how to enjoy living a joy-filled, purposeful life. He has taught me that a successful life is about intention; having a desire, and following the steps required to make that desire a reality.

If you desire to make big, bold changes in your life, then there is nothing more valuable than accountability. Christopher holds me to this simple standard: do the work. Take the steps, make the calls, and do the work. Christopher’s encouraging yet firm directions have given me the confidence to stretch myself and try new things, fail along the way, and try again. He is a true mentor: a trustworthy guide to follow as I navigate through business and life.